Saturday, 27 September 2014

// Dorm Room Decor

How to style your uni room on a student budget

4.// 'Get Shit Done' Notepad 5.// Art Print 6.// Throw 7.// Light 
8.// Rug 9.// Laundry Bag 10.// Door Mat 11.// Basket

Whether you are just arriving this weekend or have already had the past week to settle in, you will have quickly realised that your student room is seriously lacking in style and comfort.

But don't fret, with a few co-ordinated budget buys, you can quickly transform your dull and lifeless room into a homely and comfortable place to hang with your new friends and start your studying. 

Here are my tips on styling your student room:

1.// Pick a style/colour and stick to it - 

As in the above picture, you can see that choosing co-ordinated pieces can quickly bring a small room together. 

2.// Buy lots of cushions and throws - 

Make your room inviting to friends with comfy cushions and cuddly blankets for box set marathons (trust me, you will have lots of these). 

3.// Stylish storage -

Lots of clutter can make small rooms seem very messy, very quickly. Try and keep your surfaces clutter free with some stylish storage. Buy or DIY some statement boxes or baskets to keep your nick-nacks in on top of your selves. Or even make a display out of your accessories with a quirky jewellery stand. 

4.// Statement walls -

Perk your wall space up with some on-trend prints or posters. Either stick them up with washi tape for an extra bit of pattern or colour, or frame them and 'hang' them up on the walls with this amazing invention (super strong, but easily removable sticky strips)

5.// Extra seating -

Bean bags and pouffes are great for when you need some extra seating when your mates hang out in your room but also as the perfect reading spot when you don't want to sit at your desk a minute longer!

6.// Mood lighting - 

Buy a statement desk lamp for an added wow factor or string up some fairy lights over your bed for some evening ambiance.  

Enjoy the best three years of your life!

Helena xxx


  1. I love your pics! I wish H&M had a homeware section when I was at uni! I love the rug and jacquard pillow. You have a fab blog. x

    1. Thanks Polly :) I was thinking exactly the same thing when creating the post! I always love it when I get comments, it's such a great way to come across new blogs! Just had a good 1/2 an hour peruse of your lovely blog, oh an your etsy shop - love the cactus print :) xx

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