Wednesday, 10 September 2014

// DIY: Mongolian Faux Fur Stool

How to make a Mongolian Faux Fur Footstool


Mongolian Fur stools have been cropping up over the internet for the past few months now and I just love the way they add a bit of glamour to a room. 

However, these bad boys will unfortunately set you back a fair few bob. But why shell out your hard earned cash when you can whip one up of your own in under an hour?!

I'm honestly not exaggerating when I say this really is the easiest DIY piece of furniture you can make. 

You will need:

Foam pad - here
Ikea Frosta stool - here
Mongolian faux fur cushion/faux fur fabric - here
Staple Gun
Adhesive Spray
Bread knife/scissors

1.// Take the seat of the stool and place it on top of your foam pad. Using a marker pen, trace around the edge. Either using scissors or a bread knife, cut out your circle of foam.

2.// Remove the filler pad out of the faux fur cushion. Take the cover and cut off the back piece so you are left with just the front faux fur panel.

2.// On a flat surface lay the square of fabric front side down.

3.// Place the newly cut foam and the seat in the middle of the fabric and trace around perimeter 4 inches from the edge. 

4.// Ensuring your seat and foam is in the middle of the fabric, pull one side of the faux fur up and over the edge and secure to the bottom of the seat with your staple gun, making sure not to cover any of the screw holes where the legs will attach. 

5.// Now take the fabric on the opposite side and pull up and over and staple down again. You must make sure it is pulled nice and tight so you get a good rounding of the edges on the foam pad. 

6.// Once you have completed the top and bottom, repeat for the sides.

7.// Now fill in the gaps, pulling tightly and stapling down so all fabric is secure and flat to the bottom of the seat (as it is a circle, you may need to make tiny folds as you go, but these won't be seen once you flip it back over). 

8.// Trim off any excess fabric.

9.// Finally attach your legs following the instructions provided by Ikea.

Helena xxx

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