Monday, 21 April 2014

// New Garden

What a difference a bit of grass makes!

When we first moved into our house just over a year a go now (gosh, how time flies), our 'garden' was in a bit of a sorry state. It lacked life and colour.

The house has been previously rented and I think the landlord wanted a hassle-free garden that the tenants couldn't let get overgrown and unmanageable.

With the decking a death-trap over winter and the dog having nowhere to go to the toilet, it all seriously needed to go!

Late last November we decided enough was enough and called round locally for a few quotes from landscape gardeners.

With our garden on a slight slope, it actually turned out that a lot more work needed to be done than we had originally planned and budgeted for.

We eventually found a guy from a local garden center who agreed to lower his quote if we did some of the prep and finishing work ourselves. Plus, it was the middle of winter, so business was a little low.

We pulled up all the old decking and cheap paving slabs and then started digging out the level. The guys arrived on Monday and had finished the patio, steps and railway sleeper wall by Thursday.

Several tonnes of top soil and a pallet load of grass rolls arrived Thursday afternoon and by Friday lunchtime we were finally done.

As you can see from the pictures above, the garden has been completely transformed! 

I can't wait until Summer properly arrives. I have so many ideas going round in my head! You can check out my Pinterest board to see some of my inspiration pins. 

I'm going to be doing a series on Gardens over the next few weeks, from planting ideas for small gardens, to DIY and outdoor decor. So excited already!!!

If any one has any questions about how we went about planning our redo or what you might like to see in the 'Garden Series', I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments below :)

Helena xxx

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