Monday, 12 May 2014

// The Lighting Edit

Ok so this is pretty embarrassing, but I still have no living room lights after over a year of moving into my house. However, I have two pretty good excuses. 1). I am SO freakin fussy. 2). Lights are silly expensive and I have to buy two. 

But for such big features of a room I think it is really important to pick ones that you love to look at. And choosing the right light can really bring a room together.

I have been pretty underwhelmed with the offerings from high street home stores up until now. Why does that always happen? You look for ages and find nothing, and then as soon as you give up ten come at once! 

Why ones are you favourites? Mine definitely have to be 2 and 4, they are industrial yet glamorous, but I think I may have to start up a piggy bank fund for them.

Helena xxx

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