Saturday, 30 November 2013

// Beauty Haul #1

There is nothing better than a lunch break drugstore haul. Yes, rush hour traffic is the bane of my life, but working in such close proximity to town also has its obvious upsides.

After perusing my weekly beauty blogs, I was inspired to give my old makeup routine a little shakeup. With Winter well and truly here (-1oc yesterday morning!), my wardrobe palette has quickly plummeted into it's standard seasonal three colours: black, dark grey and light grey. Cheerful, I know. So I decided that I'd try and inject some more colour through my makeup. Nothing bright (as my charming red complexion quickly puts me in drag queen makeup territory at the hint of any colour), just some nice autumnal tones to give a boost to my outfits.

My skin can become very dry and dull in the winter, so I thought I'd try out some new highlighting products to add a bit of glow to my face post moisturising. The beautifully packaged Bourjois Poudre de Riz was recommended to me by a dear friend (plus it's been circulating the blogosphere for the past few months). This little pot of shimmery goodness has been cleverly packaged with a twisty lid inside to prevent any catastrophic spillages upon opening. I have to say, however, for the product itself, I do hold some reservations.The only way I can describe the look of it is fairy dust. So we shall see when I give it a test run tomorrow.

The L'Oreal Lumi Magique is another highlighter, but in a liquid form. Whereas the Bourjois 'poudre' is more of a top coat finishing powder, the Lumi Magique is a base product to be applied under/instead of foundation. I'm not quite sure how you would see the effects under a foundation though (especially a heavy coverage one). Again, we shall see.

My other two purchases were again Bourjois. Woops. I went for the new Bourjois powder blusher in Rose Frisson and Bourjois Colour Edition 24hr cream eye shadow in Desir. Both have beautiful warm undertones to them. The cream eye shadow gets me most excited though. It has a pretty pink metallic sheen to it. Perfect for the Christmas party season.

I have absolutely nothing planned this weekend. The boyfriend is away on work so I'm staying chez parents with the pup. I'm looking forward to trialing my new makeup purchases, finishing off my living room curtains with the mothership and talking the doggies on some lovely winter walks. Have any of you got anything nice planned? Visiting any Christmas fairs on this weekend?

Helena x

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