Thursday, 3 October 2013

First Home

As someone who has been obsessed with interiors from a very young age (I have been signed up to the Primelocation email list since as long as I can remember), I was keen to start saving for my first home from my very first pay cheque. However University certainly dented my savings account. Never live within a 5 minutes walk from Topshop..

I finished University in July 2012 and Seb, my partner of 7 years, and I decided that we would like to start our search for a place of our own. Whilst on the hunt for a graduate job I was working as many hours as I could on minimum wage as a waitress and Seb was pulling as much overtime as he could get away with. 8 months went by like this, with money only going out on petrol to get to and from work and the occasional night out to see friends. I'm not going to lie. It was bloomin' hard. But thankfully both our families were extremely supportive.

Around Christmas time 2012 we were almost there and the frantic search began! I checked every estate agent's online updates in the area on a twice daily basis to ensure I never missed out on a trick. It even got to the point where we used to make regular detours on the way home from work to literally trawl the streets of our preferred areas looking for for-sale signs. Sad, I know.

But the craziness paid off. A few days before Christmas we found the one. It didn't even have a for sale sign yet. A seven year old, 3 storey town house on the outskirts of the town, a minutes walk into the countryside but still close to local amenities and only a short drive from work. It was the best Christmas present we could ask for. It was perfect.

Since then, with a VERY limited budget we have gradually been putting our stamp on the place.

Over the course of my blog posts I will occasionally share tips and techniques on redecorating your home, with easy to follow tutorials, budget friendly DIYs and inspiration boards. If anyone ever has any questions or has any tips to share themselves, please feel free to leave any comments after each post.

Catch up later x

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